“The Place Where Musicians Are Transformed”

click on the arrow to hear RICHARD SMALLWOOD Be Faithful

Hello class 2017!

Welcome to Castleridge Discovery School of Music Workshop Online!  Each musician group has its own link…just follow the navigation tab on the top of the page.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will respond in a timely manner!

Next Class March 4, 2017   3:00 – 4pm


About Castleridge Discovery School of Music

Our mission is to provide Church Music Ministers with the most excellent musical training possible to enhance their Music and Fine Arts Ministry. •To teach formal musical skills in a professional musical educational environment. •To provide flexibility in the class structure in order to accommodate individual differences and abilities. •To provide instruction that will lead to capable musicianship and an understanding of music that will allow musicians and singers to perform proficiently in their medium.
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2 Responses to “The Place Where Musicians Are Transformed”

  1. Yvonne A. Long says:

    Hello Sir Hutton, My name is Yvonne A. Long and I live in Philadelphia,Pa.,and I am a new student of the Bass guitar. I have had a few lessons but still need alot of help!! lol… I am very serious about music and want to play the bass professionally one day.
    I would love to attend this workshop,Aug.6.2011. Thank you for this opportunity to meet you.

    Yvonne A. Long

  2. Yvonne this workshop was strategically design for one like yourself. It will be worth the 2 hour drive (smile)…See you there!!!

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